The Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad

In the Fall of 2007, The Penobscot Company undertook the restoration of a passenger car from the rolling stock of the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad in Portland. This 43-foot car was tranported to their shop in Rockport, where it spent a year undergoing a major restoration.

Built in 1891 at a cost of $2,700 as Car #2 for Phillips & Rangeley Railroad, it had seen many owners, many numbers, and many miles of service. After an accident put the car into the West Branch of the Carrabassett River, its number was changed from #13 to #15, in fear that the original number may have caused the bad luck. Prior to serving the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad and the Edaville Railroad in Carver Massachussetts, it made the 180-mile run on the Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes Railroad system, the longest of five 2-foot gauge lines in Maine.

Based on some inside partitioning, Coach 20 was a "Combine," meaning that one section was for passengers, and one for freight. When fully completed and restored as #15 it will be returned in service in Portland as a Combine, and take passengers on a fun ride along the waterfront in the City.

This pro bono restoration by The Penobscot Company was proudly completed in 2008 for the enjoyment of the people of Maine and their guests.