519 West Street, Rockport, ME 04856

Brewer High School

Brewer high school

Phase 1 of this project consisted of 21,000 SF of renovations and additions to Brewer High School including renovation of the front administrative offices, expansion of the cafeteria, expansion and new fit-out of the kitchen, creation of a new 100-seat lecture hall, construction of a new front covered arcade, entry tower, front facade, and site improvements including a new main entrance drive, bus drop-off, and vehicular and pedestrian circulation.

Phase 2 of this project consisted of 17,000 SF of renovations including replacement of the gymnasium floor, creation of an art suite of classrooms, workspaces, and storage areas, and the creation of teacher workrooms and additional toilet facilities, all within the existing footprint of the building. Site improvements included a parking lot overlay and partial reconstruction of the sidewalks.